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By air

There are daily direct international flights from Heathrow to Tokyo. The main international airport for Tokyo is Narita. There are also regular direct UK flights to Haneda airport which is closer to central Tokyo. Western Japan is served by Kansai International Airport, with flights from Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam, but no direct UK flights.

Public transport is safe, reliable, easy to use and fast.

Arrival into Narita international airport, Tokyo: getting into Tokyo

1.  Do not take a taxi to downtown Tokyo unless you are prepared for a long ride and a huge bill.

2.  Narita international airport is about 70 kilometres from Central Tokyo. As at most airports, follow the arrival signs through Quarantine and Immigration, collect baggage and then exit the customs area proceeding through either the red or green channel.

3.  The most convenient way to Tokyo is to take the so-called "Limousine Bus" either to the Tokyo City Air Terminal (TCAT) or, if known, direct to your hotel.  Limousine bus runs to New Otani.  Buses depart every ten or fifteen minutes for TCAT.  Hotels are served less frequently, but it is well worth asking when the next bus for your hotel is: you may not have to wait long during usual arrival hours, and it is a convenient door-to-door service. Tickets can be purchased from the counter immediately opposite the exit from the Customs area.  Tickets cost ¥3,000 to TCAT (major credit cards - Amex, Visa or Mastercard - can be used) and the ticket has printed on it the time of the bus and the bus stop from which the bus departs the terminal.  If you have baggage, please keep the tag which will be handed to you when your baggage is loaded onto the bus.  This will be needed to reclaim your baggage.

4.  From TCAT, there is a choice of taxi or subway line to take you to your hotel or to the British Embassy.  The cost of a taxi from TCAT to the Embassy or any of the central hotels (Grand Arc and many others) should not be more than ¥4,000.  It is not necessary to tip the taxi driver. If you have some knowledge of the Tokyo subway (underground) system already (not necessary but recommended), TCAT has its own subway station - Suitengu-mae. This is on the Hanzomon Line which can take you directly to the British Embassy (Hanzomon Station); tickets cost ¥160 for a single fare.


Arrival at Haneda Airport

The easiest way to travel to central Tokyo from Haneda Airport is to take the Tokyo Monorail.  The monorail has a station at each of Haneda's three terminals. The monorail runs to Hamamatsucho station and a ticket costs ¥470. From the International Terminal, trains reach Hamamatsucho in as little as 14 minutes on the nonstop services; the domestic terminals are about 5 minutes further down the line. JR East maintains a Travel Service Center for foreigners in the International Terminal (open daily 11:00 to 18:30) where vouchers can be exchanged for the Japan Rail Pass and JR East Rail Pass. The Tokyo Monorail is fully covered with either pass.


UK citizens are able to enter Japan for a period of 3 months or less without needing a visa. For further advice we advise you to check the website of the Embassy of Japan in the UK (

Your stay

Japan is still mainly a cash-based society, although international credit cards are gradually being adopted. You should therefore always ensure that you have enough cash with you - ATMs in SevenBank in SevenEleven are open 24 hours here and the Post Office accept major UK cards. Credit cards are accepted at major hotels, shops, high-class restaurants and in some taxis, though UK cards do not always work.

Please be aware that addresses can often be hard to find and tend not to use street names. It's always a good idea to have a map (preferably in Japanese if you are taking a taxi) for the location of meetings, restaurants, etc. You should allow ample time to get there.

UK mobile phones do not always work in Japan, though 3G enabled devices should be fine. Please contact your provider before you travel.  There are mobile and sim card retail shops at all the major airports.

Further information

The Japan National Tourism Organization website is a useful resource at

FCO Travel Advice

The FCO website has travel advice to help you prepare for your visits overseas and to stay safe and secure while you are there.

For advice please visit the FCO Travel section

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