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The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan


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The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Phone: +81 (0) 3 3267 1901

Address: 3F Kenkyusha Eigo Centre Building,
1-2 Kagurazaka,
Japan 162-0825

About the BCCJ

Established more than 60 years ago, the BCCJ is a progressive Chamber of Commerce that serves a network of over 700 members throughout Japan. We create value for our membership by offering a wide range of events, information services and networking opportunities, with a view to supporting the business interests and enterprises of all members - both in Japan and overseas.

Our mission is to

- Promote and support the business interests of all our members;
- Strengthen cultural and economic ties between Britain and Japan;
- Introduce new foreign business into the Japanese market;
- Encourage Japanese investment into the UK.

This mission is supported by our close working links with the British Embassy, the British Council and the European Business Council.


Our events strategy, comprising five different categories, is designed to increase value for members by expanding the range and clarifying the nature and objectives of all BCCJ events throughout the year.


Our Headliners, including the British Business Awards (see below) and events led by world-class speakers such as Cherie Blair and Sir John Beddington, are "must attends" with high-profile guests and attendees that showcase the very best of British.


Our Banner events are led by highly-qualified speakers addressing topical issues, in settings that allow small groups of members to interact with key opinion leaders. These events are delivered either in a breakfast or lunch format, or in our popular Brown Bag Lunch sessions, held at the British Embassy in Tokyo. A recent example of a Brown Bag Lunch is "The Globalisation of Japanese Science and Technology" led by Chris Pook, the Embassy's Science and Innovation Counsellor. Also included in this category are our Quarterly Question Time (QQT) panel discussions, such as our recent QQTs, "Social Media - the last word in marketing?", and "Shaken and Stirring: Property in Japan".

Inside My Company

In this category, CEOs of Member companies invite us to look at their organisations from the inside. These events provide BCCJ member companies with the opportunity to share stories, strategies and stances, to introduce a company's history, current performance, ambitions and challenges. An upcoming event in this category will be led by Tony Ennis, the President of North East Asia for BAE Systems, on the eve of BAE's bid to provide Japan with its next generation of fighter jet.


At "Toolbox" events, members receive tips on functional business topics. These sessions are led by BCCJ member companies who have services that they wish to share more about, or issues they are keen to discuss. These might be issues in HR, recruitment, tax or branding - vital areas to address and master - helping all member companies perform better in the Japanese market.

Just For Fun

There is, of course, a lighter side to life and our popular "51 Night" series of social evenings provides a great opportunity to unwind with other Members at some of Tokyo's most stylish locations. We also have a full diary of joint events organized in association with other foreign Chambers in Japan, such as "The Commonwealth Floating Lounge" and "The Annual Summer Cocktail Party", as well as an annual pub quiz.

BBA Logo

We look forward to welcoming you to a BCCJ event in the very near future!

British Business Awards

The BCCJ British Business Awards (BBA) are a highlight in the Tokyo business calendar, recognizing excellence and promoting success and innovation across all industries. The awards also acclaim the important social contributions made by organisations through their commitment to community, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability.

Submitting a nomination for the BBA provides organisations with the opportunity to review business performance and highlight core strengths, setting a benchmark for industry standards. Winning a BBA trophy is a prestigious endorsement of an organisation's projects, initiatives, products or achievements. Winners are acknowledged as industry leaders and named the best in their respective categories.

We invite you to put yourself or your company in the running to win a British Business Award - the ultimate seal of approval for your business and a subject to talk about with clients for many years to come!

BCCJ Acumen Magazine

Our monthly magazine currently enjoys a projected readership of 30,000. As well as being sent to all BCCJ members, BCCJ Acumen is distributed to the British Embassy, Visit Britain, the British Council, the British Market Council, the European Business Council, the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, other foreign Chambers of Commerce, private clubs in Tokyo and the airport lounges of British carriers such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. The magazine therefore provides contributors with a valuable opportunity to reach well beyond the BCCJ membership. Every issue includes a variety of interesting, informative and illustrated articles, columns and profiles on business, education, politics, economics, culture and lifestyle. Among the editorial contributors are BCCJ Leaders, guest VIPs, and well-known journalists from major British and Japanese media.


You do not need to be British to benefit from membership of the BCCJ. There is a membership category to suit every company and individual in Japan, and non-resident members are also welcome. The five categories of BCCJ Membership are

-       Platinum (by invitation only)

-       Corporate Plus

-       Corporate

-       Entrepreneur

-       Individual (open to those who are working for an enterprise which is not a member of the BCCJ)

For a summary of member benefits and details on how to join one of Japan's most dynamic and fastest-growing Chambers of Commerce, please see


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